Ben Wa Balls: Designed For Women

Ben Wa balls can be used for exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina. This will allow women to feel more powerful orgasms and men to have the pleasure of feeling the vagina of their partner tighten on their sex contractions controlled better during penetration. Everyone has to win!

Women can exercise with a single ball and try to get up and down inside the vagina. It’s not necessarily obvious at first, but everything is a matter of training! And then, it can also be a good way to get to know your body and possibly locate your G spot. Duotone Ben wa balls are highly recommended for women who want to remodel their pelvic floor after childbirth or in case of incontinence and all the others who want to take maximum pleasure.

Small precautions for use with Ben Wa Balls

First, the maintenance of the Ben Wa Balls is really not complicated, but still thinks to wash them with soapy water after each use. Then, when you wear them during the day, do not forget to wear panties, especially for hygiene reasons you risk being heavily lubricated and know that it can happen, when you are too lubricated or that the muscles of your vagina are not trained enough, that the balls stand out alone. Better to wear panties!

Also avoid wearing Ben Wa balls too long afterwards or too often. By force, you could end up being irritated inside. You can also wear them for all kinds of activities, but do not wear them to play sports anyway. Finally, think that Ben Wa balls can sometimes be noisy more or less depending on the model, so save yourself too embarrassing situations when you wear them in public. Test first at home, it’s always better! Aside from these small restrictions, indulge yourself, buy Ben Wa Balls! It’s a great little thing; you’re likely to get attached to it.

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Ben Wa Balls: The Recommendations of the Lovebirds

If you wish to offer some, or to offer to your partner, here is recommendation following study of the different balls of Ben Wa Balls on the market. You can browse for ben wa balls made of high-quality materials. Ben Wa Balls of very good quality, a safe bet! While the second volume of Fifty Shades of Gray has just been released, experts have tested the popular erotic accessory of the heroes of the saga.

The real heroines of Fifty Shades of Gray are they. Ben Wa Balls have seen their sales explode all over the world since the release of the erotic novel. If their name is not foreign to us, the role of these two balls of varying diameter and weight, intended to be inserted into the vagina, remains mysterious. Intrigued, the web editorial has therefore tested for you the Luna Beads.

Ben Wa Balls, where does it come from?

Their name refers to Japanese courtesans, but it is difficult to determine if they actually use them or if it is a myth. Ditto for their English names, Ben Wa balls and Qi gong balls, which refer to ancient China, including qi gong, a traditional gymnastics based on mastery of vital energy. In any case, they are closely linked to the Asian imagination and to Tantrism.

What exactly are they for?

At the opening of the sober box, first surprise: these two pairs of balls of 3.5 cm diameter pastel colors, which can be connected with a white silicone support, do not really look like a sex toy. The positioning is clear, analyzes editorial leader of a popular site. This object is thought to help women to strengthen their perineum, not to send them directly to seventh heaven.

The merits of Ben Wa Balls are indeed most often touted in the women’s press as part of the erotic game with her partner. Their primary purpose is, however, practical: to strengthen the pelvic floor or perineum, on which the organs of the lower abdomen rest, and the vaginal muscles, which relax after childbirth and as they age.

How it works?

Once the balls are positioned – in the manner of a buffer and using if necessary lubricant – you have to move! First, we do not feel the object: it vibrates indeed when we move. It is these internal tickling as described by experienced ladies, caused by the balls that contain the balls, which will work the muscles.

On the other hand, the small booklet does not deliver any Kegel exercise, the journalists lament. These gymnastics rhythmic contractions must, to be effective, be practiced regularly for 30 minutes a day. The weight of the balls must also be chosen according to the desired intensity of the session: if the roses (28 grams each) remain in place, we can switch to blue (37 grams).

Do Ben Wa Balls give “an irresistible desire for sex”, as in Fifty Shades?

The experience, at first, is not at all orgasmic but wearing them during the day reminds you of the existence of your sex, like a body memo. Experts also appreciated this impression of internal echo, while trends, found the Ben Wa Balls soothing virtues: When we do not used to listen to his body, it helps to focus on oneself, to relax.

A few tests later, experts understand better why the Ben Wa Balls are often related to a sex toy. Fully aware of her vagina, necessarily, it gives ideas. After the first session, throw on the man, like the majority of the editorial staff. It is surely the effect of surprise, for whom the accessory remains “an excellent preliminary preliminaries, because the lubrication is done naturally.” Not to mention the promise, once the vagina strong as Muscular -after one year of exercises on average according to the LELO- record, more intense orgasms for you and your partner.

To try them, is it to adopt them?

After two weeks of testing, the five testers all think of continuing to use the Ben Wa Balls. You are curious to know if it will amplify my feelings during your next sex. Experts who had a child a year and a half ago, regrets not even having discovered them earlier: find it a bit unfortunate that the midwives do not tell us more about it during the perinea reeducation. Suddenly, intend to offer a friend who has just had a baby!

Delores Strothers