Are Vibrators Safe During Pregnancy?

Are you a would-be mom feeling apprehensive of continuing sexual life? Well, you are not alone here as many other pregnant women feel the same. And one of the most common questions that women want to know here is whether vibrators would be safe to use during pregnancy. Now, if you want a one-word answer- the answer will be “Yes”. Don’t be scared or stressed, you can actually master any butt plugs or use vibrators during weekends without causing any hurt to yourself or to the baby. In fact, if your doctor has approved sex during pregnancy, you can definitely use a vibrator in such times.

According to experts, it’s great to enjoy a vibrator play during pregnancy. Pregnant women are always hornier and hence a little vibrator-moment will greatly uplift their mood. A would-be mom goes through lots of physical and mental strain. In such situations, a vibrator will keep them happy and relaxed. You can enjoy the vibrator play along with your partner. You can ask him to rub the toy on your clit while you lay down in perfect euphoria. Although it’s not that a perfect idea to have sex with your man. It would be better to chastise him for healthy pregnancy on your part.

It’s to note here that sex becomes impossible in the advanced stages of pregnancy due to the bloated belly. A vibrator comes really handy in such times to relish the desired stimulation that you have been craving for.

Tips to use vibrator during pregnancy

Here are some tips that will help to ensure a safe and pleasant experience with vibrator when you are pregnant:

Be gentle

When you are pregnant, your body is automatically very weak. Thus, you have to be extremely careful with the penetration here, be it by your man or by a vibrator. According to experts, you must be gentle with the penetration here. In fact, if you just stick to external stimulation only.

Lube up

Lubrication is very crucial when you are about to use sex toy on or inside your body and more so when you are pregnant. Go for a water-based lubricant as it’s the safest lube among all. You are also advised to bank on organic lubes to prevent any risk of side effects and infections.

Try to use externally

It’s better if you refrain from thrusting when you are pregnant, especially in the advanced months. When delivery is round the corner, the body gets even weaker compared to what it was in the initial months of pregnancy. A strong thrust would be hurting around this time. Thus, doctors advise to avoid thrusting vibrators when you are in the advanced months of pregnancy. But you can still enjoy the toy and relish orgasm by stimulating clitoris externally.

But there are certain situations where you must not use vibrator when you are pregnant. These are:

  • When your doctor has advised to refrain from sex during pregnancy
  • If the pregnant woman runs the risk of premature labor, she cannot use vibrator
  • If the would-be mom has got placenta previa, a vibrator will be risky as it may cause contraction that in turn may lead to heavy bleeding
  • If the woman’s water has already broken, then she should NOT use a vibrator as otherwise it will only abet infection risks

There is a common misconception that usage of vibrator during pregnancy may hurt the baby inside the womb. But, that’s not right. You can even use kegels like Playboy models do! The truth is the fetus is always surrounded by protective amniotic fluid and the womb. Thus, whether you have sex or you play with the vibrator, nothing will happen to the fetus inside. The bottom-line is you can definitely use vibrators during pregnancy provided your doctors have not ruled out sex for you. In case, you feel any kind of irritation or pain while using a vibrator, you should stop immediately and consult a doctor.

Delores Strothers