A Guide To Urethral Sounding

Sounding, it is called in the BDSM world the insertion of an object in the urethra. For some people it might sound very scary, but for others the ultimate pleasure is blown. They can even get an orgasm. Of course this is another term that we have taken over. You can also say the insertion of a urethra stimulator! That’s what they call sounds again. Several objects can be brought into the urethra which can provide fun and excitement in itself.

Sounding is thought to be purely a male thing, but that is not the case. It is not only for the man, it is also excellent to apply to a woman. The actions are exactly the same! Only then you cannot use all “sounds”.


It is just something that belongs in the BDSM! A few SM sounds that can be inserted are;

  • Dilator
  • Penis plug

Dilator the ultimate urethra stimulator

The sounds that are inserted can be Dilators. A dilator used for this purpose is generally made of surgical steel and is relatively easy to insert. But to keep the special Dilators like the vibrating ones, they are also made of silicone. Dilators are generally long rods that stretch your urethra. There are different types on the market under the explanation of “inserting a Dilator” we will show a few, choice enough!

Inserting a Dilator

If you have never used a Dilator before, it is good if you do not have yet experience in sounding to start very calmly. Your urethra has to get used to bringing in sounds. Start with a Dilator with the narrowest diameter and then feed it slowly to the larger diameters. How to choose an urethral sound for a beginner?  When you bring this in you must always work hygienically before use. Your tools must be extremely hygienic and everything must be well disinfected. Also use latex gloves if you get started. This is to prevent the urethra from igniting. Disinfect the rods that you are going to use very carefully. This is best done with alcohol. These crazy toys are specially made for the BDSM and focus purely on the feeling of a urethra that is full. Usually the Dilators are long and often have a ribbed structure for extra stimulation.

Use lubricant when inserting

Now that everything is clean, put a little lubricant on the stick that you want to insert. When you are on the right you grab the penis with your left hand, with the other hand you slowly slide the rod into the urethra. Definitely no pressure on it! Take all the time that is needed and do not force anything whether you do it yourself or for example with your sub. Keep an eye on everything and focus on what you are doing.

If the stick has slipped into it, you can slowly turn it a little and move it back and forth. If you have done this for three minutes, the urethra is stretched a little bit. Then wait another two minutes and you take out the stick. Then you can start with a well-cleaned stick of a slightly thicker size if you want to. Repeat all the steps described above. You do this until you have obtained the desired size, for example to insert a vibrating dilator.

See this huffpost article that talks about vibrator for aging vagina.

Vibrating dilator

A vibrating dilator is certainly not a tool for a beginning BDSM dancer. You absolutely need to know how to adequately stretch the urethra in a responsible way before using it. It can also be used to stimulate the clitoris. It is a multifunctional device and an amazing addition to Sounding. From the inside the penis or vagina can be vibrated, but also the other erogenous zones can be stimulated with it.

A vibrating Dilator can bring you to an unprecedented high time and time again. He brings strong vibrations directly into your most intimate part of the body. Suitable for your own pleasure but also your partner will appreciate this love game.

Dilator with acorn and Cock ring

It is a great addition for the real BDSM enthusiast. This metal Dilator with an acorn and cock ring has of course a great rough appearance. It must be used with a lubricant because it is made of metal you can also heat or cool it! If you want to hit it, put it before you put it in a bowl of warm water. Do you want it cold, then just a few minutes in the fridge?

The Dilator with glands and penis ring also has a removable top, take off the top and you can enjoy the hollow inside. If this tickles your fancy, grab one now while there’s a site wide sale on sounding toys here.

Delores Strothers